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Scott County

WM. Carpenter 4-H Foundation

The William Carpenter 4-H Foundation is dedicated to helping the youth of Scott County through scholarships and loan programs.  The Carpenter Foundation helps sponsor trips such as:

  • Camp Lakeside
  • Great NW 4-H Camp
  • Project Trips
  • Judging Contests
  • NW Area Outdoor Adventure Trip
  • Ski Trip
  • Home Economics Trip
  • Citizenship-Washington Focus
  • Foreign Exchange Trips
  • 4-H Leaders Trip
  • National 4-H Leaders Conference
  • North Central Regional 4-H Leaders Forum
  • National Western 4-H Roundup
  • Denver Educational Trip
  • National Judging Contest

Student Loan Program

The Carpenter 4-H Foundation also has s student loan for graduated seniors enrolled in junior college, a university, or at a technical college. This loan is up to $1,000.00, interest free, each semester, up to a max of $8,000.00 within 5 years. With the help of the Carpenter 4-H Foundation we are able to help our Scott County graduates to attend college and hopefully ease their time during their schooling.

WM. Carpenter 4-H Foundation Scholarship/Loan Program

WM. Carpenter 4-H Foundation First Time Loan Application

WM. Carpenter 4-H Foundation Loan Renewal Application