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4-H is the only youth organization with oversight and sponsorship from the federal government.  At the federal level, 4-H is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture, through the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.  The federal government partners with the Land-Grant Universities, of which Kansas State University is one.  K-State Research and Extension, as part of KSU, administers the 4-H program in cooperation with the local Extension governing units.  Through our educational mission, we help youth to learn by doing and to lead by example.  In 4-H, we are committed to providing a positive experience for as many young people as possible.  Not just with the belief that 4-H grows great kids,  but the belief that by preparing our youth for school, work and life that we are contributing to a vibrant economy for years to come.

The four H's represent: Head - Critical thinking, problem solving. Heart - Self discipline, integrity, communication. Hands - Serving others. Health - Choosing healthy lifestyles. 



Fun 4-H Facts

  • 4-H is the nation's largest positive youth development and youth mentoring organization.
  • 4-H empowers seven million young people in the U.S
  • 4-H partners with 110 universities.
  • More than 570,000 volunteers are part of 4-H.  The value of time, mileage, and out-of-pocket expenses that volunteer leaders contribute annually exceed $2 billion- five times the combined county, state, federal and private sector support.
  • 4-H alumni now total 60 Million.

When can I join 4-H?

Youth 7 - 18 years of age can be 4-H members.  Members may join after their 7th birthday and annually re-enroll until the year they are nineteen on January 1.  There are different age restriction to compete in certain competitive events, (i.e. livestock shows, county fairs) check with Scott County for specific guidelines.

What Projects are offered?

4-H members typically enroll in a variety or projects, including things like clothing, electric, entomology, fiber-arts, foods, forestry, geology, home environment, leadership, pets, photography, plant science, shooting sports, space tech, visual arts, animal projects, and others.  Community clubs typically have structured business meetings, and emphasize community service, recreational activities and improving communication skills. 

Scott County 4-H Clubs

There are currently 4 active 4-H community clubs with

approximately 150 Scott County 4-H'ers enrolled this year.

  • Country Cousins
  • Lake Wide Awake
  • Manning Jayhawkers
  • New Horizons

A typical Scott County 4-H year consists of:  Officer's Training, County Club Days, Regional Club Days, Judging Contests, Two County Camps, County Fair and the Achievement Banquet.  Many other activities are available at the areas, state, and national levels during the year as well.

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